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Google Pixel & Google Nexus - smartphones & tablets

Phone and tablets bearing the Google brand are built in partnership with a leading manufacturer, but released and marketed under the web search giant’s name.  The brand 'Nexus' is often used, as well as the brand 'Pixel'.

In 2008 Google released the Android Dev Phone 1, built by HTC, and then the follow-up Android Dev Phone 2 in 2009.  These are SIM-unlocked and bootloader devices designed for advanced developers to use, and they are not released for retail purposes.  Google has since launched its Nexus range of phones and tablets to an impressive reception; these are still built, in part, by a partnering company, but Google takes the lead role in aspects like design and development.

Despite the shift in focus to retail phones with the Nexus line, Google has also essentially replaced the Android Dev Phones at the same time, as an unlockable bootloader means the devices can be further modified and tested by end users.

Following on from the Nexus phones, Google has introduced the Google Pixel line.

Google smart device manufacturers

Google has used LG, HTC and Motorola to help build its smart devices, so there is no single preferred original equipment manufacturer, or OEM.

Critical reception of the recent additions to the Nexus range, which features different OEMs, has been largely positive, and there is a consistent aesthetic which identifies a Google Nexus, despite the variation in manufacturer.

Google networks

You can purchase the latest Google Nexus devices alongside most networks, with a lot of them offering deals which reduce or remove the upfront cost altogether.

The flagship phones are amongst the top-end end devices available, so getting a deal which makes the phone cheaper upfront represents good value, as long as you get the right allowances for your usage.

You should be able to find a choice of minutes, texts and data available alongside the phones, and plenty of choice for a data plan with a Nexus tablet.

Android OS and Google

Google develops Android, which is one of the leading and most popular operating systems currently available.  The name has become synonymous with dessert-themed updates, and it is the OS of choice for a number of manufacturers.

Google Nexus devices are often the first to receive the automatic updates, which will include various improvements and alterations that should offer the user a better experience.

Google Android phones: One-line reviews

Google's operating system, Android, powers some of the best mobile phones on the smartphone market. Here's a list of some of the best smarphones Google has to offer and a little bit about what makes them so great in the mobile phone world: 

  • Google Pixel 5 - Considered as the best Pixel phone on the market, and at a competitive price, too. 
  • Google Pixel 4a - The Pixel 4a is Google's affordable version of the Pixel 4, with a few things not included in order to bring the price down. 
  • Google Pixel 4 XL  - Was at the top before the Pixel 5's release due to its high-end camera and superb display quality. 
  • Google Pixel 3 XL - The older, more reliable phone on this list, and at an affordable price, highyl recommendable. 
  • Google Pixel 4 - A good phone but with a few issues, such as the lacklustre battery life and the nowhere-to-be-seen fingerprint scanner. 
  • Google Pixel 4a 5G - Slower performance to the Pixel 5 but generally considered a suitable and affordable alternative for a next-gen 5G phone. 
  • Google Pixel 3 - The smallest phone here and one of the oldest, so you can bag yourself a really decent phone for a great price if you shop around. 
  • Google Pixel 3a - The phone responsible for the a-series, so a huge success considering we got the 4a! Decent smartphone with some great, albeit, reduced features. 

While not all of these phones are available here at Mobile-Phones, we regularly update the deals we have to offer so keep coming back to check to see if our Google phone page has been updated. 

Google Play

Google Play is the app store that Android uses, much like the Apple Store with iPhone and iPads. Google Play games can be downloaded through the Google Play app, along with Google Play books.

You also don't need to worry about a Google Play install, either, because it comes pre-installed on all Google Android phones allowing you to start downloading all your favourite apps straight out of the box. 

Google Play Console 

Google Play Console is used by budding developers to upload an Android app, game or create a store listing. Through the Google Play Console people can reach an audience through the Google Play store! 

5 facts about Google

  • Google receives 5.6 billion queries a day, which is more than 1 trillion each year
  • 3.8 million Google searches are performed each minute
  • Around 16-20% of Google searches each day have never been done before
  • In 2019, advertising accounted for a total of 160.74 billion USD in revenue for Google
  • Google is the number one visited website in the world

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