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iOS is Apple’s revolutionary mobile operating system that is the foundation of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Known for its user-friendly design and sleek look, users can access everything they need from one screen and prioritise their favourite apps via the Dock.

iOS - Exclusive home screen

Springboard is another name for the iOS Home Screen, which forms the basis of everything you do on your Apple device. This is your hub to all your other apps, which can be accessed smoothly and easily. Depending on where you swipe, you’ll be able to use different functions such as Search, Notifications and the ability to turn on the Torch, set an alarm or open the Camera right from the start screen.

iOS - A personal assistant

iOS comes built-in with Siri. Siri acts as your own personal assistant, allowing you to perform a number of tasks without ever touching the phone. With just the power of your voice, you can use Siri to send texts, write notes, set reminders and alarms and even look up something online. Siri also responds to whatever you say, making it a true personal assistant. The hands free nature of Siri also makes it ideal for use when driving or any number of situations, such as cooking or working.

iOS - Easy to update

iOS makes updating simple. Apple general updates the OS once a year with a major update, but will often release smaller updates in order to improve speed and stability. With iOS updating is as simple as tapping an app and letting it go. From your home screen, simply select Settings and Update Device. Alternatively, your phone will notify you when you when it’s time to download the latest version, so you’ll never miss a key new feature. iOS updates are also completely free, meaning you’ll never miss out when there’s something new to be discovered.

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