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iPhone 13 / 128GB Pink

Apple iPhone 13
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 250 GB data

24 month contract on Vodafone

  • FREE device
  • £39.00 per month (Refurb)

iPhone 13 Pro / 128GB Sierra Blue

Apple iPhone 13 Pro
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 150 GB data

24 month contract on Vodafone

  • FREE device
  • £53.00 per month (Refurb)

iPhone 13 Pro Max / 128GB Silver

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • Unlimited data

36 month contract on Vodafone

  • £49.00 upfront
  • £44.00 per month


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Vodafone – 4G mobile network with competitive tariffs

Vodafone is a globally renowned name in the mobile network industry, serving customers directly or through partnerships in well over 50 countries.  Its customer base numbers in the hundreds of millions, with close to 20 million in the UK alone.

Vodafone is also famous for making the first ever mobile call in 1985, and despite its worldwide status it still calls the UK home, employing 13,000 people throughout the country.

4G phone subscriptions

Vodafone provides 4G connectivity to its customers, and offers wide range of 4G phone subscriptions.  With 4G, phone users can seamlessly stream and enjoy faster web browsing on the go, as long as you are in an area with coverage.  Even if there is no coverage, you can still revert back to 3G and get online, as the 4G rollout is ongoing.

The phones available with 4G on Vodafone include some of the latest releases from the leading manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, Sony and LG.  You can choose from the most popular releases, as well as the more modestly priced mid-range phones on the market.
The tariffs offer different levels of calls, texts and data, so you can easily find something ideally suited to your monthly usage.

Fixed price promise

Vodafone operates a fixed price promise which guarantees that the initially agreed monthly price of your tariff will stay the same for the duration of your contract.  It’s a great benefit that ensures you know exactly what your spend will be, and the cost will only go up if you go over your agreed allowances.

The promise applies to all the pay monthly phone deals available through Vodafone.

Vodafone optional extras

After you’ve chosen a bundle and a device, you then have the option to add extras and accessories.

There’s Vodafone Covered, which insures against loss, theft and accidental damage.  It includes cover for up to 30 days on overseas trips, as well as cover for accessories up to a set amount.  Alternatively, you can take out Accidental Damage cover by itself for a cheaper monthly price.

Another optional extra for Vodafone customers is EuroTraveller, which lets you take your minutes, texts and data abroad to anywhere in the Europe Zone. If it’s a tablet, dongle or Mobile WiFi, then you just take your data.  There’s a small daily fee of £3, charged only on days where you actually use part of your allowance.

If you want to take this benefit outside of the Europe Zone, then Vodafone WorldwideTraveller expands the list of locations, and the daily fee is £5.  As with EuroTraveller, you won’t be charged if you don’t actually use your allowances on a particular day.

Vodafone phone deals

Vodafone has always offered a wide range of phones, alongside competitively priced tariffs.  You can find the latest releases from leading manufacturers, as well as mid-range phones and a number of budget options.

The Vodafone pay monthly contracts can include a phone for free, or at a greatly reduced price, with the full cost of the phone paid off over the course of the contract.  Alternatively, you can keep your current phone or buy a new one outright and choose Vodafone SIM Only or Pay As You Go.

Vodafone coverage 

Vodafone mobile phone coverage can depend on your location, as with any other mobile network. If you're thinking about switching over to Vodafone mobile but you're worried about the Vodafone coverage in your area, we highly recommend heading over to Vodafone's Network Status Checker.

Start by simply entering your location (using your postcode will give you the most accruage Vodafone coverage results) and the Network Status Checker will show you your coverage strength for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, using a colour coded system to tell you how prominent the signal is. 

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