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Sony Mobile

Sony Mobile is based in Japan and Sweden and owned by Sony Corporation. It began life as a joint venture in 2001, under the name Sony Ericsson, combining the names of the two companies involved.

A number of phones were released during the manufacturer’s time as Sony Ericsson, up until 2012 when Sony acquired Ericsson’s share.  All releases since then have come under the Sony name, and the range is now dominated by the Xperia brand.

Sony Xperia

Sony has used the Xperia brand since 2008, and it encompasses both smartphones and tablets.  The series originally ran on the Windows Phone OS, but switched to Android in 2010, and Sony Xperia is now one of the leading names in the smartphone industry.  The Xperia range includes both mid-range and top-end devices, and the biggest releases have seen excellent reviews.

Sony Xperia Models

Sony has a wide range of models for modern smartphone owners and for every price range. Those who want a fully premium experience can choose from phones in the 1 and 10 lines, which offer exciting features such as ultra-wide, 4K HDR OLED displays, triple-lens cameras and fast processing power. 

If you’re in the market for something a bit cheaper, Sony has you covered too. With a wide range of mid and low-budget phones, getting on board the Sony Xperia train has never had a lower barrier of entry. With Mobile Phones, you can compare the latest smartphones from Sony and choose the one that suits you.

Android OS

Sony’s switch to Android has been a success, and the OS is the preferred choice for millions of users. Coupled with the fluid usability inherent in the Xperia series of phones, Android provides a slick experience for owners of Sony smartphones and tablets.

Sony networks

Sony’s smartphones are available on deals with all the major UK networks; the manufacturer produces high-end and mid-range devices, whilst also being a leading name in the industry, so you’ll be able to find plenty of price plans which include a phone or tablet.

If you purchase a Sony smart device outright you can then choose a SIM deal from one of the networks and get generous allowances for a low monthly cost.

Sony smartphone deals on Mobile Phones

With you can find great deals on Sony smartphones, with the latest releases featured alongside eye-catching tariffs from UK networks. You can easily compare Sony smartphones, pick your network and get your order sorted online.

You can also check out the SIM only deals, so if you buy your Sony phone outright you can get a much cheaper monthly cost and still get loads of calls texts and data.

5 facts about Sony

  • Sony comes from the Latin ‘Sonus’, which is the root of the words sonic and sound.
  • Sony’s first product was an electronic rice cooker.
  • Sony’s official mascot is a golden guinea pig statue which sits in its head office in Tokyo.
  • The first suggested name for the Walkman was the Sony Disco Jogger.
  • The Sony PlayStation originally was made as an add-on for Nintendo’s Super Nintendo console.

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