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  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Samsung
    Galaxy S20 5G
  2. Apple iPhone 12 Apple
    iPhone 12
  3. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Apple
    iPhone 12 Pro
  4. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Apple
    iPhone 12 Pro Max
  5. Apple iPhone 12 mini Apple
    iPhone 12 mini
  6. Samsung Galaxy S20 Samsung
    Galaxy S20
  7. Google Pixel 5 Google
    Pixel 5
  8. Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Samsung
    Galaxy S21 5G
  9. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Samsung
    Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
  10. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Apple
    iPhone 11 Pro
  11. Apple iPhone 11 Apple
    iPhone 11
  12. Apple iPhone XR Apple
    iPhone XR
  13. OnePlus 6T OnePlus
  14. Apple iPhone SE 2020 Apple
    iPhone SE 2020
  15. Google Pixel 3 XL Google
    Pixel 3 XL
  16. Samsung Galaxy Note9 Samsung
    Galaxy Note9
  17. Apple iPhone X Apple
    iPhone X
  18. Apple iPhone XS Apple
    iPhone XS
  19. Samsung Galaxy A12 Samsung
    Galaxy A12
  20. Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Samsung
    Galaxy S21+ 5G
  21. Apple iPhone XS Max Apple
    iPhone XS Max
  22. Apple iPhone 8 Plus Apple
    iPhone 8 Plus
  23. Apple iPhone 8 Apple
    iPhone 8
  24. Huawei Mate 20 Lite Huawei
    Mate 20 Lite
  25. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Huawei
    Mate 20 Pro
  26. Huawei P20 Lite Huawei
    P20 Lite
  27. OnePlus 8 Pro 5G Dual SIM OnePlus
    8 Pro 5G Dual SIM
  28. OnePlus 8 5G Dual SIM OnePlus
    8 5G Dual SIM
  29. Samsung Galaxy S9 Samsung
    Galaxy S9
  30. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Samsung
    Galaxy S9 Plus
  31. Sony Xperia 1 II Sony
    Xperia 1 II
  32. Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Samsung
    Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
  33. Samsung Galaxy Note20 Samsung
    Galaxy Note20
  34. Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Samsung
    Galaxy Note20 5G
  35. Huawei P20 Huawei
  36. Sony Xperia 5 Sony
    Xperia 5
  37. Google Pixel 4 Google
    Pixel 4
  38. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Samsung
    Galaxy Z Flip
  39. Huawei P20 Pro Huawei
    P20 Pro
  40. LG G7 ThinQ LG
    G7 ThinQ
  41. Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung
    Galaxy S10
  42. Samsung Galaxy S10e Samsung
    Galaxy S10e
  43. Sony Xperia 10 Sony
    Xperia 10
  44. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Samsung
    Galaxy S10 Plus
  45. Sony Xperia L3 Sony
    Xperia L3
  46. Huawei P30 Pro Huawei
    P30 Pro
  47. Samsung Galaxy A50 Samsung
    Galaxy A50
  48. Samsung Galaxy A70 Samsung
    Galaxy A70
  49. Samsung Galaxy A40 Samsung
    Galaxy A40
  50. Samsung Galaxy A20e Samsung
    Galaxy A20e
  51. Apple iPhone 7 Plus Apple
    iPhone 7 Plus
  52. OnePlus 6 OnePlus
  53. Apple iPhone 7 Apple
    iPhone 7
  54. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Samsung
    Galaxy S8 Plus
  55. Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung
    Galaxy S8
  56. Google Pixel 3 Google
    Pixel 3
  57. Motorola Moto G6 Play Motorola
    Moto G6 Play
  58. Samsung Galaxy A8 Samsung
    Galaxy A8
  59. Sony Xperia XZ2 Sony
    Xperia XZ2
  60. Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Sony
    Xperia XA2 Ultra
  61. Sony Xperia XA2 Sony
    Xperia XA2
  62. Huawei P Smart Huawei
    P Smart
  63. Sony Xperia L2 Sony
    Xperia L2
  64. Sony Xperia XZ1 Sony
    Xperia XZ1
  65. Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Sony
    Xperia XZ1 Compact
  66. LG G6 LG
  67. Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Samsung
    Galaxy A5 (2017)
  68. Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) Samsung
    Galaxy A3 (2017)
  69. Apple iPhone 6s Apple
    iPhone 6s
  70. Apple iPhone 6s Plus Apple
    iPhone 6s Plus
  71. Apple iPhone SE Apple
    iPhone SE
  72. Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung
    Galaxy S7
  73. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung
    Galaxy S7 Edge
  74. Apple iPhone 6 Apple
    iPhone 6
  75. Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) Samsung
    Galaxy J3 (2017)
  76. Samsung Galaxy Note8 Samsung
    Galaxy Note8
  77. Nokia 8 Nokia
  78. Apple iPhone 6 Plus Apple
    iPhone 6 Plus
  79. Sony Xperia Z5 Sony
    Xperia Z5
  80. Apple iPhone 5s Apple
    iPhone 5s
  81. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Sony
    Xperia Z5 Premium

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Pay Monthly deals on Mobile Phones

A pay monthly plan gives you a new smartphone for free, or at a reduced cost, and you get an allowance of calls, texts and data each month.  It’s a popular option across the UK, as it makes the new phone affordable, and you can benefit from high-speed 4G for internet on the go.

Mobile Phones offers a comprehensive list of pay monthly deals, so you can easily browse what’s currently on the market, and choose something ideally suited to you and your usage habits.

Compare pay monthly plans

With so many tariffs available from a wide range of networks, it’s much easier to simply set a few and filters and compare pay monthly plans.  Mobile Phones lets you pick a network or manufacturer, and specify your preferred allowances, along with contract length, and there are options to include resellers or refurbished phones.

If you pick a certain phone then you can browse a clear, concise list of deals available alongside it, and, as we are an impartial, unbiased and accurate resource, you can trust that you’re seeing honest results.  You can check upfront prices for new phones, as well as the monthly price, and once you’ve found something you like you can follow the link to get set up directly with the network of your choice.

Brand new smartphones

Whether you’re a slave to Samsung, an Apple anorak or a lover of all things LG, Mobile Phones provides deals and offers on the latest releases from leading manufacturers.  As soon as we have the deals available for a new smartphone or tablet, they will be added to our site, along with a detailed FAQ-style review from our in-house team.

Pay monthly deals are great for getting a new smartphone because the actual cost of the phone is included as part of your monthly payment.  You can find yourself with a phone worth £500, and only pay £20 upfront; better yet, you could get it for free upfront, depending on the network.

If you're interested in just getting a pay monthly tariff on a SIM without that additional monthly cost of paying off a new phone, then you’re looking for SIM Only!

Calls, texts and data

As part of a pay monthly deal, you can get an allowance of calls, texts and data each month.  It’s essential that, when you’re choosing your deal, you are honest with yourself about your usage; otherwise you’ll just go over the limits set in place and end up paying extra charges.  

The great thing about pay monthly is that you can get generous allowances for a good price, and when you compare phone plans you’ll be able to see exactly what you can get.  Remember to use our filters to see prices for specific amounts of calls, texts and data each month.

Choice of networks

There are loads of networks now operating in the UK, with a number of them piggybacking one of the big names in order to provide a virtual network.  This means you share in the extensive coverage provided by the actual network operator, even though you aren’t a customer of theirs.  There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to networks, but you just need to choose a tariff that will cover your usage and provide the right value for money.

Our comparison table will show you what’s on the market at similar price points, so you can easily see which network is currently offering the best value alongside a certain phone.  Prices and tariffs change, and it is a hugely competitive market, so if you are coming up to the end of your contract, it’s worth checking what’s available and then re-checking, just to see if anything has changed.

Pay monthly contract length

Most pay monthly contracts are 24 months, as this allows you enough time to pay off the phone as well as continue to pay the plan price.  You won’t usually have the two prices detailed separately, as it unnecessarily complicates things.  It all comes as one price and you just pay that every month for two years.

You’ll also be offered the chance to upgrade early, around 22 months in, and this is a way for the network to retain you, instead of losing you to another network offering something more competitive.  Even if you are offered a good retention deal, it is worth comparing what’s on offer, so you can see if another network will work out as better value.

Why compare with Mobile Phones?

  • Compare phones and tablets and get accurate, unbiased results
  • Easy filtering so you can see a range of ideal plans and tariffs
  • Find offers on pay monthly handsets and SIM Only
  • In-depth reviews of the latest smartphones and tablets

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