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  • Connected through O2’s fast 4G network
  • Flexible plans and payments, with no contract
  • Add goodybags for extra calls texts and data
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GiffGaff - a network run by customers

Launched in 2009, GiffGaff is a mobile provider that offers unique mobile plans, that allow you to purchase your mobile or simply buy a sim on its own.

When the service first launched, its only initial product was a prepaid sim card that serviced both 2G and 3G phones. This soon blossomed into a service which offered “Goodybags”: bundles of minutes, texts and data that you can buy one month at a time. 

GiffGaff goodybags - pick and choose your plan

Using these GiffGaff goodybags, users will be able to choose a package that suits them. If you want the latest smartphone but don’t plan to constantly use it, the £5 option could be for you. If you’re a heavy user of data, calls and texts, however, the unlimited bundle is more suitable. At just £20, this is also one of the cheapest unlimited data plans available to customers.

Rather than offering contracts where you essentially rent the phone from the provider, GiffGaff lets you buy your phone upfront and then choose the price plan that’s convenient for you. You can do this by paying the full amount upfront or by paying monthly.

Contract flexibility with GiffGaff

Despite sharing a similar technical back-end as O2 (they run on the same network), the two providers couldn’t be more different. GiffGaff is run exclusively by its customers, meaning any queries you have are answered online rather than through a call centre. As well as this, GiffGaff never locks you to one lengthy contract, as you’re able to change or cancel your package whenever you want. 

GiffGaff community

Once you join GiffGaff, you’ll be part of the GiffGaff community, meaning that you can help people who need it on the forums if you choose to. Doing this can herald rewards such as money off your phone bill, so it’s well worth it for those that love a bargain. 

In order to find and compare deals from GiffGaff, simply click on the compare page or go directly to the the provider page. From there, you’ll be able to see what phones the provider has on offer as well as a list of the packages available.

GiffGaff phone deals

You can get a GiffGaff tariff alongside loads of different phones, including the latest releases from leading manufacturers.  You can also find mid-range phones at great prices, so there's plenty of choice, and the mix of tariffs means it's easy to find something ideally to suited to your monthly usage.

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