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Originally founded in 1985 as BT Cellnet and rebranded in 2002, O2 is one of the UK’s premier mobile providers. The provider has become known for its huge number of deals and phones that it has available, as well as its cross-marketing deals with live music venues, including the O2 Arena: the UK’s largest live venue outside of Wembley. 

Market innovators 

O2 customers can enjoy a wealth of deals and offers from the provider, as it carries all the major smartphone manufacturers including, Apple, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft. As well as this, customers will be able to access one of the UK’s strongest 4G networks.

O2 was one of the first adopters of 4G, with the firm testing the technology as early as 2009. Because of this, O2 customers are able to experience some of the fastest and most diverse mobile broadband speeds and tariffs available. O2 is the only mobile provider to offer the huge 30GB data allowance. Whilst other providers allow you to take unlimited data, this cheaper option lets you play with a huge amount of data for a lower cost.

Another way O2 has innovated recently is its ‘O2 Refresh’ plans. This is a new take on the industry-standard 24 month contract that allows you to get an upgrade halfway through your contract. Normally, users would have to wait until the end of their contract to receive an upgrade, making their phone feel a little out of date. With O2 refresh, users won’t have to wait 2 years for the latest phone, making it perfect for those who like to stay on the cutting edge. 

In order to compare deals from O2 to similar packages from other providers, simply click on the compare page. If you’re looking exclusively for deals from O2, stay on the provider page to see all available deals and phones.

O2 Smartphones

As one of the biggest phone providers in the UK, O2 offers a huge range of different phones to choose from. This includes smartphones from the industry’s biggest hitters like Apple and Samsung alongside smaller budget options such as Huawei and Alcatel. No matter what your budget, O2 has the right smartphone and plan for you.

O2 also carries the latest cutting-edge phones, allowing you to jump onboard at release. Phones like the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are available to buy with a variety of different contracts on their respective release dates, with customers also able to pre-order.

O2 Network Coverage

O2 features some of the most comprehensive network coverage in the UK. The network is constantly upgrading its 4G platform, with a recent £3 billion network modernisation programme ensuring that customers get 98% coverage on data, texts and calls.

O2’s award-winning network is ideal for those who use mobile internet everyday, with its 4G coverage standing out from the crowd. O2 WiFi also allows you to connect to a huge amount of exclusive WiFi hotspots across the UK, so you can save your data when you’re on the go.

O2 Phone Deals

O2’s phone deals are ideal for all budgets and smartphone needs. Whether you’re looking for something to use for basic calls or a plan that offers unlimited texts, minutes and data, O2’s phone deals offer enough variety for every type of customer. 

As well as the latest premium smartphones, customers can get older smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 5S and HTC Desire 650 at a reduced monthly price. O2 allows you to tailor your phone plan to suit you, so you can choose to have more minutes, texts, data or everything.

O2 Refresh

With O2 Refresh, O2 customers can get an early phone upgrade without having to pay the rest of your contract. O2 Refresh essentially splits your monthly bill into 2 parts. The Device Plan covers the cost of your phone while the Airtime Plan covers your minutes, data and texts. This means that you can trade in your current phone for a new one without having to pay the rest of your Airtime contract - allowing you to upgrade earlier than normal. Customers can trade in their phone to cover the cost of the Device Plan, leaving you free to upgrade to the latest smartphone. 

O2 Extras

O2 upgrades with free gifts are some of the most appealing on the market. O2 Extras (which are included with specific contracts) include six months of Disney Plus, Amazon Music, Prime Video and Audible free, along with other applications such as the sleep app Calm and McAfee, the security service. The free gifts that O2 includes within their contract packages are subject to change.

O2 Business

O2 offer business plans, offering deals on business phones, tablets and SIM only tariffs. Included in O2 Business plans are O2 Just Call Me, a hassle-free conference call programme that your employees can use while on the move, travelling to and from business meetings. It uses the O2 Business mobile number, without the need for dial-in numbers, passwords or special pins to allow your employees access. O2 Business plans also cater for the workers who operate abroad, allowing the use of data and minutes as though you were at home in the UK, while also providing strong 4G connectivity throughout Europe so you can work from anywhere. 

If you are looking to get started with O2 Business and have under 10 employees you'd like to provide phones for, then call O2 on 0800 028 0202. If you have over 10 employees, then make you can either make an online query, or call 0800 955 5590. 

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