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iPhone 15 / 128GB Yellow

Apple iPhone 15
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 5 GB data

36 month contract on O2

  • £30.00 upfront
  • £39.07 per month
Prices may change during contract More info

iPhone 15 Plus / 128GB Yellow

Apple iPhone 15 Plus
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 5 GB data

36 month contract on O2

  • £30.00 upfront
  • £44.07 per month
Prices may change during contract More info

iPhone 15 Pro / 128GB Blue Titanium

Apple iPhone 15 Pro
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 5 GB data

36 month contract on O2

  • £30.00 upfront
  • £46.67 per month
Prices may change during contract More info

O2 – The UK’s largest & most reliable mobile network

O2 - or Virgin Media O2 since June 2021 - is a customer-first provider that is one of the Big Four networks in the UK (the other three being EE, Vodafone and Three).

With over 23 million subscribers as of May 2023, O2 is one of the most popular providers in the UK. As for their network, they have amazing coverage on 4G across the nation and their 5G is growing faster than their competitors, putting them in the front seat for the next generation.

How does O2 work?

O2 is one of the Big Four networks in the UK, which means they are the main providers in the nation that MVNO providers (mobile virtual network operators) can then piggyback on.

There are many reasons why O2 are one of the top providers, and it goes further than their network and connection.

They offer brilliant benefits, perks and incentives to entice new customers and keep existing customers, all without breaking the bank.

What network does O2 use?

O2 is their own network provider. As detailed before, they are one of the Big Four, so they supply their network to various MVNOs, including:

  • GiffGaff
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Sky Mobile

They supply the most major MVNOs in the UK, with their popularity likely down to its strength and reliability.

O2s network has 99% 4G coverage across the UK, and their rollout of 5G has seen them reach well over 3000 towns and cities.

O2 benefits

  • Great network with superb coverage
  • Range of plans suitable for all needs
  • Amazing perks & extras
  • Many support options
  • Fair value against competitors

O2 plans

O2 offers plans for device and SIM as well as purely SIM-only and Pay as You Go, all of which come with a range of options so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

O2 Device & SIM

The most common plan on their website is their device and SIM plan, where you pick the phone you want and the data plan to go with it.

This is a good choice if you’re looking to get the latest phone or want to upgrade from what you currently have.

You can simply start by choosing the phone you want, and then choose the data plan. By paying more upfront, you will pay less each month.

O2 SIM-only

One of the options we offer here at is O2 SIM-only deals, where you simply just pay monthly for the SIM card.

This is a good option if you’re happy with your current device and want to save money on a cheaper plan.

There are a range of options to choose from, with 12 and 24-month contracts, different data amounts and limited or unlimited texts.

O2 Pay as You Go

Pay as You Go doesn’t require a credit check and you can pick and choose how much data you’d like whenever you’d like to top up. 

It’s all contract-free so there is no commitment and O2 has a great range of data options to choose from with unlimited texts and minutes. 

You also still receive many of the benefits available to those on a standard contract with O2.

O2 perks & extras

As we’ve mentioned many times already, O2 has a plethora of perks and extras available to customers.

They have numerous flexibility options to allow you to feel in control of your contract, such as Custom Plans (self-explanatory) and O2 Switch Up, which allows you to swap your current phone for a new one every 90 days (available on Plus Plans only).

O2 Priority

O2 Priority may be their best perk. Whether you like going out to concerts or restaurants or enjoying staying in, O2 Priority can help save you money or get you better access than you could get without.

O2 Priority offers the chance to get tickets to concerts at O2 venues earlier than even the Ticketmaster presales, giving you the best chance at getting the tickets you want the most.

For a good bit to eat, Priority offers money off at various restaurants such as Miller & Carter, Prezzo and Greggs.

There’s plenty more on offer with O2 Priority so be sure to check it out if you choose O2.

O2 Recycle

O2 Recycle simply lets you sell your old device to them, even if it is damaged. They may not offer the best price for your device out there, but it certainly can help towards paying off your next one.

O2 PAYG Rewards

O2 Pay as You Go customers even get their own benefits by being rewarded for simply being with O2.

Every three months as a PAYG customer, O2 will add up all your top-ups, and then give you 5% or 10% back. It’s as simple as that!

You can spend that on extra credit, phones and accessories, or even Ticketmaster tickets or shopping vouchers!

O2 Roaming

O2 is arguably the best provider from the big four for roaming as they are the only ones still offering no roaming charges.

That means you can use your UK allowances of data in 48 of their Europe Zone locations without having to spend a penny more.

There is a roaming limit of 25GB, and every GB over that will cost £3.50, but you’ll find that 25GB is more than enough for your trip.

O2 customer support

O2 has an extensive range of customer support options, including the ever-helpful O2 Community and a virtual assistant available online and on the MyO2 mobile app.

Of course, sometimes you want to be able to speak to someone real, and you can easily do that too, either via a chat online through the app with an O2 agent or by calling them.

They have a range of numbers to call, so be sure to check out online the number you need to call and when you can for the specific help you need.

O2 – What we think

No provider offers as much incentive to join them as O2. With the benefits and perks you get from being an O2 customer, you are sure to keep satisfied with them.

They talk a big game about being the UK’s largest and most reliable network, and while they may have to fight EE for that claim, they certainly do offer a great service.

O2 Priority is a big plus though for anyone who likes getting a great deal on their outings, especially for avid music lovers and concert-goers.

All in all, O2 is a fantastic provider with many great deals available, including the ones we have on offer above, so be sure to check them out and find the one you love!



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