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Sky Mobile

Galaxy S20 Plus / 5G 128GB Grey

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 2 GB data

24 month contract on Sky Mobile

  • £49.00 upfront
  • £66.00 per month
Sky Mobile

Galaxy S20 5G / 128GB Blue

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 2 GB data

24 month contract on Sky Mobile

  • FREE device
  • £60.00 per month
Sky Mobile

Galaxy S20 4G / 128GB Grey

Samsung Galaxy S20 4G
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 2 GB data

24 month contract on Sky Mobile

  • FREE device
  • £62.00 per month


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Sky Mobile - A brand new phone every year & inclusive data rollover

Sky has taken an innovative and fresh look at the mobile industry, and chosen to offer something that gives customers more flexibility in their mobile phone deal.  It looks like a planned, structured take on the usual kinds of deals you find, and could easily make Sky a serious competitor in a fierce marketplace.

There are benefits for Sky Mobile customers, as well as incentives for those already using Sky TV.  You also get plenty of freedom with the plans, a great choice of phones and the chance to get a new replacement after just a year.

Sky Mobile plans - Swap12 and Swap24

The option to upgrade early is hardly new, but a lot of the time you’ll be eligible a couple of months before the contract ends.  This keeps you tied in, and stops you shopping around, looking at other networks and getting something more competitive.

Some networks have started showing the split between tariff and phone cost, thereby offering the chance to upgrade by paying off exactly what’s left on the phone.  You stay on the contract and they keep their customer.

Sky Mobile gives you something different; customers can select a Swap12 or Swap 24 plan, with the former letting you upgrade after just 12 months, whilst the latter makes it the more traditional 24.  If you’re wondering why anyone would opt for a longer term, the dangling carrot for a 24-month deal is the significantly cheaper monthly price.  Nonetheless, this is a great option to offer customers.

Sky Mobile phone deals

As well as choosing either Swap12 or Swap24, you’ll need to decide on your tariff and your phone.  The tariffs are kept fairly streamlined, whilst the phone range offers some of the biggest releases within a trimmed selection.

You should be able to find the latest flagships from the likes of Samsung and Apple, and over time you might see Sky Mobile expand the choice to include more mid-range phones.

Sky keeps the information really clear, showing upfront cost as well as monthly, and of course you’ll see that monthly price go up if you switch to Swap12.

You won’t find 50 different tariffs, just a handful of data, call and text options.  The unlimited calls and texts pack is free to Sky TV customers, or £10 a month otherwise.  Alternatively you can pay as you use, which is 10p per call and 10p per text.

A great benefit of Sky Mobile plans is the data rollover, letting you keep last month’s data as a top-up to what’s usually included.  You can also mix your calls, data and texts every month, adding even more flexibility to the plan.

Sky TV customers

As well as getting the unlimited calls and texts pack, existing Sky TV customers will also be able to sync Sky+ recordings with their phone.  This feature will allow for streaming of recordings over 4G or Wi-Fi, with the option to create show playlists.

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