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  • Great benefits for Sky TV customers
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Sky Mobile

iPhone 13 / 256GB Pink

Apple iPhone 13
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 2 GB data

36 month contract on Sky Mobile

  • FREE device
  • £34.00 per month
Sky Mobile

iPhone 13 Pro / 128GB Graphite

Apple iPhone 13 Pro
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 2 GB data

36 month contract on Sky Mobile

  • FREE device
  • £39.00 per month
Sky Mobile

iPhone 13 Pro Max / 128GB Alpine Green

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 2 GB data

36 month contract on Sky Mobile

  • FREE device
  • £43.00 per month


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Sky Mobile - A brand new phone every year & inclusive data rollover

Sky Mobile launched back in 2017 aiming to differentiate itself from its major competitors by offering a brilliantly flexible service. Customers can get a new smartphone every 12 months via the Swap12 plan, able to choose from the selection of premium devices available, and save any data you don’t use.

There’s also added benefits for those with existing Sky TV contracts like free access to Sky Go Extra which allows you to download Sky content to watch offline.

Sky Mobile subscriptions - Swap12 and Swap24

While the option to upgrade early is hardly new, Sky Mobile allows you to do so for free with either the Swap12 or Swap24 subscription. Perfect for those who want to enjoy the latest technology!

Providing your smartphone is in full working order with no physical damage, you’ll be able to exit your 24 month or 36 month contract early. All you need to do to get a brand-new device is to send your old handset back to Sky which will then, along with any data in your Sky piggybank you choose to cash in, be used to pay off your remaining balance.

Sky Mobile phone deals

As well as choosing either Swap12 or Swap24, you’ll need to decide on which tariff and smartphone you’d like. Sky Mobile offers a great choice of tariffs with unlimited minutes and texts but if you decide you don’t like the one you’ve chosen, you can switch to a different one every month.

All the important information regarding pricing is clearly displayed and there’s a good variation in the amount of data that’s available too. While you’ll be able to find the latest releases from Samsung and Apple there’s not too many options if you’re looking for a mid-range device. Hopefully the options for these will expand in the future.

Another major benefit of Sky Mobile subscriptions is the data rollover which lets you carry over any spare data to the next month. Enjoy more streaming, gaming and browsing while you’re out and about or cash it in to get money off other devices or mobile accessories.

Sky TV customers

Those who also have a Sky TV contract will be able to enjoy additional perks from Sky Mobile. You’ll get free access to the Sky Go Extra app which allows you to stream both live and catch-up content from your subscription on your device and remotely set your Sky box to record shows.

While Sky Go Extra does allow you to download content for offline viewing, as both a Sky TV and a Sky Mobile customer you can stream from any of the Sky apps without using up any of your data. This includes the Sky Kids app so you can keep the little ones entertained on long journeys and the Sky Sports app to help you stay up-to-date on all the latest action.

Sky Mobile SIM only deals

If you’ve already paid off your handset or intend to purchase it outright, a Sky Mobile SIM Only deal is a great alternative to the pay monthly contract. They work out significantly cheaper, potentially under £10 a month, because you’re only paying for whichever set amount of minutes, texts and data you’ve chosen.

  • 2GB unlimited minutes and texts for £6 a month
  • 6GB unlimited minutes and texts for £8 a month
  • 12GB unlimited minutes and texts for £12 a month
  • 25GB unlimited minutes and texts for £15 a month
  • 50GB unlimited minutes and texts for £25 a month
  • 60GB unlimited minutes and texts for £30 a month

Sky Mobile coverage - what's it like?

Sky Mobile boasts fantastic 4G coverage all across the UK with only those in the most rural, remote areas really struggling to get a signal. If you want to see for yourself what it’s like in your area, you can use Sky’s online mobile coverage checker.

Lightning-fast 5G is gradually being rolled out by Sky Mobile so while it’s not yet at the same level of widespread coverage as 4G, it’s now present in several major cities including London, Liverpool, Bristol and Manchester.

What network does Sky Mobile use?

Sky Mobile uses O2’s mobile network meaning that wherever O2 has signal, Sky Mobile customers will too at exactly the same strength.

As mentioned above, O2’s network coverage is excellent with 99% of the UK able to enjoy it. This puts them in line with Vodafone and only very slightly behind EE and Three.

Sky Mobile reviews

Everybody knows Sky for their premium, blockbuster TV subscriptions but how do they fare as a mobile provider?

Sky opted for such a flexible outlook after interviewing thousands of people about what they liked about mobile phone subscriptions. As the predominant answer was flexibility they tailored their subscriptions accordingly which resulted in Sky Mobile’s brilliant combination of features.

While several providers allow you to rollover data from month to month, Sky Mobile's able to stand out from the competition by allowing you to keep it for up to three years. As new devices and subscriptions are both released regularly they've made a smart decision in letting customers switch them around so often.

Another major concern for those moving to a new mobile phone provider is the quality of its 4G coverage. This isn’t a worry for those on Sky Mobile who can enjoy an impressive 99% coverage across the country with O2’s network.

Sky has a fantastic customer support base throughout all their services they have to offer. They’ve scored top for satisfaction in the broadband, TV and landline categories, and it's fair to say mobile customers will experience the same level of support too.

Sky Mobile customer service

If you're having some issues with your Sky Mobile device or product, you can navigate to the Help page on the Sky website. Here you'll find an array of topics that could help solve any problems you might be having, without needing to pick up the phone and call Sky's customer service team. There are also various articles to help Sky customers with more intricate issues, such as moving home and fraud.

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