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Android OS

Android is a hugely popular operating system which is developed by Google, and mainly used on touchscreen devices.  It is considered a target platform for developers, and regarded as the leading operating system alongside iOS from Apple.

Android features & updates

Android is recognisable for its little green robot logo, but the actual interface and functionality of the operating system is just as distinctive.  There is a real focus on fluid usability and customisation, so users can go with a stock design or create something personal.

Updates are fairly erratic; you could see them every 6-12 months, although Google is generally aiming to make them annual.  A unique and likeable aspect to the updates is the decision to name each one after some kind of dessert or sweet, and previous updates have donned names like Eclair, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Lollipop and Marshmallow.

Android smartphones & tablets

A huge range of smartphones and tablets are released on Android, including devices manufactured by Samsung, Sony and LG.  As a result, Android has become a familiar operating system for phone and tablet owners around the world.

Google also releases smartphones under its own brand, although they are manufactured by a partnering company already involved in the smartphone market.  These devices are usually released with the very latest version of Android, and often receive the new updates early.

Android apps on Google Play

Google Play is the app store for Android phones and tablet, and you can search through games, tools and other innovative applications, with a mix of paid-for and free ones available.

App availability and choice can vary depending on which operating system you use, but the vast majority of app developers will look to build their idea with Android compatibility.

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