AI now stands for Apple Intelligence - or at least it does for the company after they announced a host of new AI-powered features coming to its various devices later this year at WWDC 2024.

The yearly keynote event is the time when Apple announces upcoming developments for their Operating Systems amongst other big announcements, and this year the expectations were that they would be introducing AI to their devices.

Sure enough, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage and brought to light the new era for the company as they look to follow in the footsteps of their competitors, with AI set to be implemented in a range of Apple devices.

As reported some weeks ago, Apple has reached an agreement with OpenAI to have ChatGPT integration to be able to bring Apple Intelligence to life.

Unfortunately, the features won’t be available on all devices right away. They will be available on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and any Mac or iPad powered by Apple’s M series chips.

Apple Intelligence features

Apple showcased a number of the tools that will be possible using their AI, with things like writing suggestions for apps like Mail being implemented. It will see the AI be able to give suggestions on tone and formatting, and will likely improve word/sentence suggesting to help better craft the perfect message or email.

Siri will also be getting an overhaul with the help of Apple Intelligence, with it being given the ability to read and retrieve information from messages, emails, calendars and even photos, plus third-party apps. Users will also be able to interact with Siri via text.

Like with the Google Pixel, which also utilises AI in many features in the Pixel 8 range, Apple Intelligence will be used to help enhance images.

A very welcome feature for Apple users will be a Magic Eraser-like tool which has been implemented and widely celebrated on Android phones for some time, where you can choose background objects from your photos and have them removed, creating the perfect image that still looks completely natural.

Other image editing tools will be available, such as the ability to create your own emoji and an Image Playground that creates graphics from prompts, similar to how the popular AI software Midjourney works.

Other things announced at WWDC 2024

While Apple Intelligence was the highlight of this year's event, there were plenty of other things announced along with it, mainly the reveal of the upcoming generation of operating systems in use across the company’s various devices.

iOS 18

The newest update to iOS usually comes at that year’s WWDC, and things were no different this year as Apple announced iOS 18, likely to come around the time of the next generation iPhone.

iOS 18 will allow you to better customise your home screen and control centre, with the new ability to lock apps with Face ID.

There will also be improvements to Messages, Mail and Maps, plus a redesign for Photos and likely more accessibility options.

iPadOS 18

All the new features listed above and any others coming to iOS 18 will also be coming to iPadOS 18, plus it will finally be getting its long-overdue calculator app.

watchOS 11

A number of new fitness-focused features will be coming to the latest iteration of Apple’s smartwatch software, including Training Load, which measures workout intensity. 

A new Vitals app will collect health metrics and will provide warnings should it notice anything out of the ordinary, while general interface changes are set to come too.

macOS Sequoia

Also known as macOS 15, this update will include new Continuity features for seamless access to your iPhone from your Max, as well as Safari upgrades that include page summaries.

visionOS 2

Vision Pro software will allow you to turn 2D photos into spatial photos, while there will be added support for new gestures. 

More countries will also begin seeing the Vision Pro headset as Apple announced it will be launched in other new areas outside of the US.

So far, it has only been available to buy from Apple for everyday folks in North America, but finally, it will be coming worldwide, with the following countries being able to pre-order the device from Friday 28th June:

  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany

Availability of the headset will begin on Friday 12th July; however, no region-specific pricing has been given yet, although considering it costs a whopping $3499 in the US, it likely won’t come cheap.

tvOS 8

Apple TV’s software will gain new features, with the highlight being InSight, which will work similar to Prime Video’s X-Ray feature in that it will give you info on actors appearing in the shows you’re watching.

Subtitles will also kick in automatically when you mute a show or go back a few seconds, while dialogue audion will also be enhanced.