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  • EE G5 Pink

    LG G5
    • 1000 minutes
    • Unlimited texts
    • 2 GB internet
    • No upfront cost
    • 24 month contract

    Only £23.49 a month on EE

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    O2 Nexus 5X 32GB Blue

    LG Nexus 5X
    • Unlimited minutes
    • Unlimited texts
    • 3 GB internet
    • No upfront cost
    • 24 month contract

    Only £31.50 a month on O2

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LG Electronics

Part of the LG Group, LG Electronics is a South Korean manufacturer serving a global customer base.  It is consistently one of the largest manufacturers of TVs in the world, and has also become a major figure in the smartphone and tablet industry, releasing a number of top-end smartphones which comprise the LG G series.

LG smartphones

LG first tackled the smartphone industry in 2012 with the Optimus G, followed by the Optimus G Pro phablet.  The 2013 release of the G2 showed that LG could build a truly top-end smartphone that could stand up against the biggest releases from Sony, Samsung and Apple, as it boasted an exceptional True HD display alongside impressive performance, powered by a quad-core processor.
It received widespread acclaim, and LG has built on this foundation to remain competitive.  The LG G series has continued to enjoy success, with the LG G4 release in 2015 also seeing a number of positive reviews.

LG tablets

LG has been less active in the tablet market, incrementally releasing upgrades on the LG G Pad series.  They are seen by many as a direct competitor to Samsung’s popular Galaxy Tab range, with both running on Android.
LG has ensured that the tablets have plenty to offer, and the G Pads have historically been competitively priced, making them a more appealing prospect than some of the tablets released to greater fanfare.

LG networks

As LG’s smartphones are now amongst the biggest releases of the year, you’ll find that all the major UK networks will offer the manufacturer’s phones alongside their various price plans.  You can also buy an LG G series phone outright and choose a SIM only deal from a network.
This is great way to get loads of calls, texts and data for a low price each month, as the value of the phone is not included in the monthly cost, unlike the pay monthly plans where the phone is available for free upfront.


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