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LG Electronics

Part of the LG Group, LG Electronics is a South Korean manufacturer serving a global customer base.  It is consistently one of the largest manufacturers of TVs in the world, and has also become a major figure in the smartphone and tablet industry, releasing a number of top-end smartphones which comprise the LG G series.

LG mobile phones

LG first tackled the mobile phone industry in 2012 with the Optimus G, followed by the Optimus G Pro phablet.  The 2013 release of the G2 showed that LG could build a truly top-end smartphone that could stand up against the biggest releases from Sony, Samsung and Apple, as it boasted an exceptional True HD display alongside impressive performance, powered by a quad-core processor.
It received widespread acclaim, and LG has built on this foundation to remain competitive.  The LG G mobile phone series has continued to enjoy success, with the LG G4 release in 2015 also seeing a number of positive reviews.

LG tablets

LG has been less active in the tablet market, incrementally releasing upgrades on the LG G Pad series.  They are seen by many as a direct competitor to Samsung’s popular Galaxy Tab range, with both running on Android.
LG has ensured that the tablets have plenty to offer, and the G Pads have historically been competitively priced, making them a more appealing prospect than some of the tablets released to greater fanfare.

LG networks

As LG’s smartphones are now amongst the biggest releases of the year, you’ll find that all the major UK networks will offer the manufacturer’s phones alongside their various price plans.  You can also buy an LG G series phone outright and choose a SIM only deal from a network.
This is great way to get loads of calls, texts and data for a low price each month, as the value of the phone is not included in the monthly cost, unlike the pay monthly plans where the phone is available for free upfront.

LG deals on Mobile Phones

LG's impressive performances in the smartphone industry have seen the manufacturer soar in popularity, with some releases providing an attractive, competitive alternative to the highest-profile flagships. At you can easily compare prices on LG smartphones, with the phone available for free or at a reduced upfront cost, alongside an eye-catching tariff from one of the featured UK networks.

LG SIM free and SIM only

If you're looking for an LG mobile phone but do not want to commit to one of the LG mobile deals we have on this page, then investing in a SIM free LG phone is always an option for you. 

Buying a SIM free phone would involve buying an LG handset outright from a retailers, which would allow you to own an LG mobile phone without being tied into a contract. If you were to own an LG handset that was unlocked, you would be able to get into a SIM only contract deal. Getting a SIM only deal would mean you could remain on the same mobile phone tariff if you were to upgrade the LG handset you bought outright. 

if you're interested in SIM only deals for SIM free LG phones, you might be wanting to head towards the budget section, and browse some cheap LG mobile phones. This is a particularly good idea if you do only use your mobile phone for necessities and do not want to spend a lot on a phone contract each month. 

One-line LG mobile phone reviews

The most highly regarded LG mobile phones are as follows: 

  • LG V60 ThinQ 5G - Considered as the best LG phone on the market, with a great display, 60Hz refresh rate and an outstanding battery life. 
  • LG G7 ThinQ - The LG G7 ThinQ remains at the top thanks to its lower price but high-specs. 
  • LG V40 ThinQ - The V40 is slightly higher spec than the G7, with an OLED display capable of displaying HDR10 content.
  • LG Velvet - An attractive lower spec alternative with good performance, but  the lacklustre camera lets it down. 
  • LG G8 ThinQ - The G8 ThinQ is considered a futuristic attempt at a smartphone, with Hand ID and touchless navigation. 
  • LG V50 ThinQ 5G - Much the same as the V40 but with a few spec upgrades, which unfortunately ramps the price up quite a bit. 
  • LG G8X ThinQ - LG's foldable dual screen phone, meaning you can view two different apps at once, making it quite a niche in the mobile phone market.

If you're looking to upgrade to an LG mobile phone, then those included in the list above are meant to be some of LG's best they have to offer, and while we don't offer them all here at Mobile-Phones, our product list is freqeuntly updated so you should keep an eye out for some great LG mobile phone deals. 

How to check your LG mobile phone model 

If you're currently looking at mobile phone deals wanting to upgrade your current LG mobile, it's going to help to know the current phone model you have in order to compare it against any future purchases to know you're making the right investment. 

In order to check the model of your LG mobile phone, turn the phone off and remove the back cover. The model type of your phone will be printed on a sticker that's stuck to your LG phone's battery. Here you'll be able to see exactly which model you have, but you might have to remove the battery itself to see which shouldn't be a problem. 

If your LG mobile phone runs on the Android operating system you'll be able to find your LG model number under Settings. Scroll down to About Phone and then click on Phone Identity to be able to see your LG mobile phone model, which will also include the serial number and model number. 

5 facts about LG

  • LG was founded in 1958 and was originally named GoldStar.
  • As well as ‘Life’s Good’, LG has also had the taglines ‘Future’s Technology’ and ‘Digitally Yours’.
  • LG was the first to feature a capacitive touchscreen on a phone.
  • LG was also the first manufacturer to use curved displays.

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