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Microsoft smartphones & tablets

Famously known as the software manufacturer behind Windows, Microsoft has recently entered the smartphone market with its range of devices that mimic its Windows architecture. Fans of the desktop version of Windows will feel at home here. 

Microsoft history 

Founded in 1975 by the now world-famous Bill Gates, Microsoft initially developed computer software, becoming one of the first innovators in the market. Since then it has gone on to be giant, developing the ever expanding Windows operating system as well as the super popular Xbox games console. With its range of smartphones, it has brought the Windows architecture to your pocket, providing a familiar but cutting edge experience. 

Not just computers

Whilst best-known for its work in the world of PCs, Microsoft has now entered the smartphone industry with its latest range. These devices follow the same aesthetics of the Windows operating system, allowing experienced desktop computer or even Xbox users to feel right at home when using them. The similarities don’t stop at just the design. Users will be able to sync their content between their smartphones, computers and Windows tablets in the same way as Apple users. Gamers can even sync content between their smartphone and their Xbox One. The Microsoft brand has reached beyond computing to reach an even bigger audience. 

Windows 10 - re-energised & reimagined

The newest version of Windows, Windows 10, is fully compatible with the Microsoft smartphone range. This OS gives users a friendly and easy to use experience, where your favourite apps are just a touch away. The home screen displays your apps however you arrange it, meaning you can prioritise the ones that are most important to you. Furthermore, the bright and bold colour scheme means you’ll never been looking for an app that’s disappeared in the backgroud, with the style of the home screen mimicking the desktop version.

Microsoft smartphone deals on

You can find a range of deals on Microsoft smartphones at Whilst Microsoft is not as prevalent in the market as high-profile rivals, there are some great mid-range releases, and you can get excellent value on tariffs which include the phone for free, or at a greatly redcued cost.

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