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Whilst dropping off in popularity compared to other brands, Motorola continues to produce quality mobile handsets, entering the smartphone market in a big way. Users can choose from a range of industry-leading devices, ensuring you’ll be up to date with better-known brands. 


Originally starting all the way back in 1928 producing radios, Motorola was split into 2 brands in 2011, with Motorola Mobility taking the company forward with its smartphone devices. Since then, the company has produced a number of modern smartphones that have merged with Google to become a strong contender in the smartphone world. 

Modern smartphones

Motorola shot up in popularity in the 2000s with its range of mobile phones that innovated the flip phone design. This proved to be hugely popular, the with Razr model being a frontrunner in showing what mobile phones can do. In recent years, the company’s popularity has dwindled somewhat, but is now on the rise again thanks to a string of new devices that are both modern and functional. Phones such as the Moto X Force have caught up with the likes of Samsung and Apple to create a great smartphone experience and pushing Motorola to the forefront once again. 

Google companion 

Motorola has teamed up with Google to deliver a surprisingly familiar smartphone experience. Users will be able to utilise the Google operating system on Motorola smartphones, allowing them to experience full Google integration. This means that functions such as online searches and services such as Google Drive are instantly accessible. This gives Motorola a draw over other smartphones, as you probably won’t have to familiarise yourself with an all-new OS. 

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