Apple has announced a whole host of new tech as part of its annual event. If you’re not fully clued into the Apple ecosystem, it can be quite difficult to keep track of what’s coming out and when. Here’s a simple rundown of what you can expect to be available in the coming days.

Apple Watch 6

The premiere product at Tuesday’s show was, of course, the Apple Watch 6. This new and improved version of Apple’s smart watch boasts a number of new features for a premium price, and is set to become the new flagship version of the device.

With the Apple Watch 6, users will be able to take advantage of the new, faster A6 chip, which is based on the A13 chip used in the iPhone 11. This means that everything on the watch will essentially be faster. 

Apple has also improved the scanner here, with the watch measuring all your levels and your health in new ways, including your blood oxygen. The Apple Watch has always been the choice of the health-conscious, and this looks unlikely to change here. You’ll be able to pick up the Apple Watch 6 from £379 from September 18th.

Apple Watch SE

Alongside the new, expensive model of Apple Watch, Apple also announced the SE; a cheaper variant. The SE offer many of the same features as the 6, and comes in the same case, meaning you likely won’t notice the difference unless you’re interested in some of the more niche features.

Users will be able to pick up both the SE and the 6 in a range of new colours, including a blue aluminum case, a gold stainless steel, a gray stainless steel called graphite, and for the first time, there’s an Apple Watch Product Red model. There’s also a new type of strap available, known as the Solo Loop, which is a stretchable silicon loop with no clasp. 

The Apple Watch SE will be available from £269 at the same time as the 6. It’s worth noting that the new Watches won’t include a USB power adapter, though if you’re an iPhone user you will already have one. 

New iPad Air

With another Apple event comes another version of the iPad. The new iPad Air features all the classic upgrades, including a Liquid Retina display and a faster processor (which Apple claims will enhance CPU performance by 40%), all contained in a thin, light and sleek design.

All the iPad accessories, including the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard will be supported, with the release coinciding with iOS 14 being made available on all of Apple’s current mobile devices.

New standard iPad

Much like the Apple Watch 6 and SE, Apple has also released a new, cheaper version of the iPad for the cost-conscious. Starting at £329, this iPad is slightly less powerful and features a different design, being one of the few Apple devices left with a home button!

However, at this reduced price, the new iPad represents great value, offering many of the same functions and compatibility as the more expensive iPad Air. If you’re looking for the classic iPad experience but don’t want to shell out more than you have to, it’s a tantalising prospect.

Apple Fitness +

This brand-new fitness subscription service from Apple, Fitness Plus, offers a wide range of different workouts and health plans for a monthly or annual fee. Apple claims that this service has been created with the Apple Watch in mind, allowing users to tailor their workout plans depending on what they’re doing that day. 

Fitness Plus subscribers will be able to access exclusive workout videos and plans, with new content added regularly. If you use your Apple Watch primarily as a workout tracker, it could be the service for you.

Apple One

In a move that perhaps speaks to the sheer amount of subscription services available in 2020, Apple has announced Apple One, a service that allows you to get all of its services in one tidy package.

Apple One subscribers will have access to Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage on the standard package, with the Premium version adding Apple News Plus, Fitness Plus, and 2TB of iCloud storage, and can also be shared between six people. Handy if you’re deeply ingrained in the Apple ecosystem.