As one of the leading technology manufacturers on the market, Samsung’s biannual Galaxy Unpacked showcase is always one to tune into - and 2023’s was no different.

Featuring their latest phones, tablets and more, here’s exactly what was announced at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 & Fold5

It still feels unreal that flip phones are making a comeback, and here we are with the essential leader of the pack showing off their fifth-generation model.

Both the Flip5 and the Fold5 have been given some big upgrades compared to their predecessor.

The Flip5 is the clamshell-style phone, so when folded it is the size of a pocket mirror, then when opened it is like an ordinary phone.

Probably the biggest new feature is the screen size when folded, as it has been increased to 3.4 inches. This so-called Flex Window lets you scroll through widgets such as Calendar, and weather apps, or for replying to messages via Quick Reply.

There is also the exterior screen which comes in handy when taking photos so the subject can see how they look.

The Fold5 has lesser changes but still makes a difference. Notably, the phone is said to be thinner than previous models and the inner screen can now get up to 30% brighter for better visibility on brighter days.

The S Pen Fold Edition stylus - which is a digital pen for the Fold that is sold separately - has also received an update, now being slimmer and supposedly easier to handle and use.

But the biggest change of all on both phones is that Samsung boast a new hinge design that allows the phones to close more completely without leaving a gap between the screens like with the original iterations.

They also say the hinge has less moving parts, which will aid in making the phone more durable and less susceptible to mechanical issues over time, something that they have continued to develop and work on after the original iterations did suffer from these problems.

Other new features include:

  • 256GB internal storage instead of 128GB on the Flip5 as standard

  • Both are powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset which is also in the Galaxy S23 range

  • Minor changes to hardware and software updates

The phones will be going on sale on 11th August, with the Flip5 being priced from £1049 and the Fold5 from £1749.

Better yet, if you preorder either one now on the Samsung website, you will get double the storage for the same price.

That means that if you preorder the Flip5 with 512GB now, it will be the same price as the 256GB rather than £1149.

The same goes for the Fold5, with 256GB and 512GB currently costing £1749, while 1TB is the price of the normal 512GB (£1849).

Here is a full list of the prices for ease (prices after launch):

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

  • 256GB – £1049

  • 512GB – £1149

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

  • 256GB – £1749

  • 512GB – £1849

  • 1TB – £2049

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, S9+ & S9 Ultra

Samsung have obviously been the busiest on their new tables as they have announced three new ones as part of the Galaxy Tab S9 range.

The S9 is the smallest with an 11-inch screen, then it's the S9+ with a 12.4-inch screen, and then the Ultra with a whopping 14.5-inch screen.

The biggest change comes visually, as all three now feature the Dynamic AMOLED 2X display panel, providing strikingly better colours and improved contrast.

Sound quality is improved on each with 20% larger speakers, they’re powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 that is also in the new Flip5 and Fold5 as well as the Galaxy S23 range, and the S Pen stylus (which is included this time with each tablet) can be magnetically stuck in any direction on the back (previously it had to be stuck a certain way).

There are improvements to the way it works in desktop mode too, with DeX mode now featuring an interactive task bar. DeX mode lets you use the tablet as a laptop, letting you connect it to a monitor or TV or attach a keyboard to it.

The only problem is Samsungs own keyboard isn’t included, and at £39 on top of the hefty price tags of the tablets, you could go with a cheaper option.

Speaking of the price tag, these tablets are expensive. They will also be going on sale on 11th August, and here are the full prices for each:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

  • 128 GB with Wifi – £799

  • 128GB with 5G – £949

  • 256GB with Wifi – £899

  • 256GB with 5G – £1049

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

  • 256 GB with Wifi –£999

  • 256GB with 5G – £1149

  • 512GB with Wifi – £1099

  • 512GB with 5G – £1249

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

  • 256 GB with Wifi –£1199

  • 256GB with 5G – £1349

  • 512GB with Wifi – £1299

  • 512GB with 5G – £1449

  • 1TB with Wifi – £1549

  • 1TB with 5G – £1699

These prices are for how much they will be once they are released, though. The same deal Samsung are running with double the storage on their Flip5 and Fold5 phones are also available with the tablets (eg. Tab S9 256Gb is the same price as 128GB if preordered now).

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 & Watch6 Classic

The final new products shown off during the showcase were the latest edition of the Samsung Galaxy watch, the Watch6 and Watch6 Classic. Unlike last year, there is no Pro model, just these two.

Both come in two sizes to choose from. The Watch6 comes in 44 or 40-mm case sizes, while the Watch6 Classic comes in 43 or 47-mm sizes.

A welcome returning feature is the mechanical rotating bezel, meaning you don’t have to swipe the screen every time you want to search for an app or another element of the interface. Be wary, though, as it is only available on the Watch6 Classic.

Samsung claim that the screens are the largest ever for the Galaxy Watch, with the screens increased by 20% and feature improved brightness.

The phones are also meant to feature a smoother user experience with them now powered by the new Exynos W930 chipset. Along with the soon-to-debut Google Wear OS 4, this is sure to be the best-running Samsung Watch yet.

Improvements have been made to the sleep tracking, offering an in-depth analysis of your sleep score. They’ve also parted with the National Sleep Foundation and have an enhance Sleep Coaching system, all in the effort to help you get better rest every night.

They’ve also improved the fitness elements, such as new personalised heart rate zones, a Custom Workout tool, and now irregular heath rhythm notifications.

Like the rest of the products showcased, the new watches will be going on sale on 11th August. Here is the full price list after launch:

Samsung Galaxy Watch6

  • 40 mm with Bluetooth – £289

  • 40 mm with Bluetooth & 4G – £339

  • 44 mm with Bluetooth – £319

  • 44 mm with Bluetooth & 4G – £369

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic

  • 43 mm with Bluetooth – £369

  • 43 mm with Bluetooth & 4G – £439

  • 47 mm with Bluetooth – £399

  • 47 mm with Bluetooth & 4G – £459