With phone cameras getting better and better, it’s fair to say that most users aren’t using them in a way that maximises their potential. If you’re the sort of person who only takes the occasional photo, you might not know that there are a huge amount of features that the iPhone’s camera includes that allow you to take better photos faster.

Launch the app quicker

Ever had that moment where you want to take a snap of something but by the time you’ve opened the camera app, it’s gone? Instead of unlocking your phone and trying to find the camera app on your busy home screen, instead you can set the camera button to be straight on your lock screen, allowing you to take a photo at the push of a button. You can choose a number of different functions to open this way, but the camera is by far the most useful.

Make use of the timer

The iPhone camera includes a built-in timer, allowing you to pick between three and ten seconds.This is ideal if you want to take a group photo that you’re also a part of, and if you have a camera stand, you’ll be able to take professional-style shots without having to worry about actually being there to capture.

Use the grid filter

If you’re looking to add a professional touch to your photos, lining up the perfect shot is important. With the grid filter option, you can make sure your subject is framed properly before you shoot. You can turn this function off and on depending on when you need it.

Volume buttons

This is a basic tip but one that many iPhone users don’t know about. When taking photos either landscape or portrait, you can use the top volume button in order to shoot. This is handy if you’re taking landscape photos especially, as well as if the shoot button on the screen is at an awkward angle.

Portrait mode is your friend

When taking close-up photos of friends and family (or even your dog), make sure you explore portrait mode. Portrait mode offers a decent amount of options that allow you to change the look of close-ups, allowing you to adapt for natural, studio, contour and stage lighting, giving your photos an added professional touch and making your subject stand out more. 

Control the camera with Apple Watch

If you’re fully in the Apple ecosystem and also have an Apple Watch paired with your iPhone, did you know that you can control your camera using your watch? Simply open the camera app on your Apple Watch and you can use it as a remote viewfinder and shutter. You can also remotely open the camera app on your iPhone for fast shooting.

Avoid flash

Smartphone flash functions are rarely any good, with the iPhone hardly being a shining example. For better photos, try your best to avoid using flash as much as possible. Thankfully, the iPhone makes this easy, with a Night mode that illuminates shots with what little light there is.