1080p is a full-High Definition display, with a higher pixel density than standard-HD allowing for sharper and clearer images.


4G is a type of mobile broadband, superseding 3G and 2G before it and proceeding the now available 5G. It is currently the most accessible mobile broadband and allows you to connect to the internet when away from a Wi-Fi connection.


The fifth generation of cellular network technology, offering significantly faster speeds than 4G.


A type of display that uses organic light-emitting diodes, which can produce more vibrant colours and deeper blacks than traditional LCD displays.


When people talk about apps, they’re referring to applications on your phone. These come in many forms and can perform a wide variety of tasks.


Android is a common type of operating system used by many different brands of phones. Makes such as HTC, Samsung and Sony.

Data Allowance

Data allowance is the amount of data you pay to use every month. This is measured by GB and varies depending on cost and mobile network.


An operating system used exclusively by Apple with their iPhone device. Unlike Android, iOS is not used by any other brand and is a much more closed platform.


The measurement of power in a camera. The higher the megapixel count, the better the camera on your phone will perform.

Mobile Data

Mobile data is essentially another term for internet used on your phone. When your phone connects to the internet whilst not being tethered to a Wi-Fi source, it’s using mobile data.


A mobile network is the company to which your phone plan is attached. The network provides you with a mobile service that lets you call, text and access the internet.


Near-field communication, a wireless technology that allows two devices to communicate with each other when they are brought close together.

Operating System

Much like a computer, an operating system is the software your phone runs on. Different models of phones have different operating systems.

Pay As You Go

A phone contract that allows you to only pay for the calls and texts you make, rather than paying a set subscription fee every month.


A SIM-only plan means you only pay for the cost of the plan tied to the SIM, rather than factoring in the cost of the phone as well.


A smartphone is a mobile phone that has access to online features that expand what you can use the phone for. This includes online browsing, social media sites and GPS features.