Apple Arcade is Apple’s latest gaming platform, offering a wide variety of games that you can play on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. For £4.99 a month, players can experience games from almost every genre available, all exclusive to the service and free from any microtransactions. Here’s our pick of the best games currently available.


Without a doubt the outstanding game in Apple Arcade’s roster, Grindstone is a tricky but addictive puzzle game that features a unique art style that looks like something directly from Cartoon Network.

Grindstone is a new spin on the ‘match 3’ genre, where player-controlled Viking Jorj must make his way through each level, carving up monsters of different colours. Players can chain monsters of the same colour to rack up a better score and collect loot on the way. Grindstone features over 100 levels, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

What The Golf?

A ridiculous but fun recreation of the sport, What The Golf? tasks you with completing a number of courses, each with a bizarre and hilarious twist. What starts as simple golf might have you sending the player himself down the course, or moving a sofa across the green.

What The Golf? features hundreds of different levels, with each one including something you won't’ expect. The game plays with the mechanics of golf in a way that’s perfect for iPhone, meaning you aim the ball/subject by just swiping. Ideal for playing with one hand on the train.

Bleak Sword

This dark and difficult adventure is another game you can play with one hand, but you’ll need plenty of concentration to get through its numerous difficult levels. Taking its tone from the famously hard Dark Souls series, Bleak Sword is a simple premise: take out all the monsters in a level to win.

With a unique pixelated art-style and surprisingly addictive sword combat, Bleak Sword is a game that makes great use of the phone’s full screen, giving you a good view of the combat arena. One for the hardcore gamers out there.

Skate City

In the mould of the much-loved Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series, Skate City has the player rack up tricks and scores in a number of locations across the globe, with plenty of challenges to keep you busy, from combo medals to time trials. 

Skate City can be a little difficult to get to grips with, but once you do, it will grab you and won’t let go. It’s also a great example of Apple Arcade’s lack of microtransactions, with the player able to unlock different styles, skaters and tricks by just playing the game and gaining XP.

Chu Chu Rocket! Universe

Based on the popular Dreamcast puzzle game, Chu Chu Rocket! Universe is a mobile version of the same concept: get the mice safely away from the hungry cats. This time, the player will have to navigate multiple levels set in space, with an Angry Birds-style star rating system to keep you playing and perfecting your score.

Chu Chu Rocket! Universe is a treat for both fans of the original game and those who are new to the series. The iPhone is a perfect place for this type of puzzle game, allowing you to play a few levels during a commute or some downtime before putting it away.

Word Laces

A tricky but addictive word game, Word Laces is very similar to a number of other word games on the platform, where you have to create words with the letters given. Word Laces is, however a new spin on this, with players weaving different kinds of laces together to create words.

While this is little more than a visual gimmick, it gives the game a charming feel, making it stand out from the large amount of word games available on the App Store. With hundreds of levels to work your way through, it’s something that will keep you occupied for a while.

Cards of Darkness

This clever mix of puzzle and strategy features art from Pendelton Ward (who created the award-winning animated series Adventure Time), Cards of Darkness offers a wholly unique experience that’s exclusive to Apple Arcade.

Cards of Darkness blends a delightful art-style with gameplay that will keep you hooked - players can slay monsters, discover secrets and cast spells just by collecting cards. A great game for short bursts.