After picking up the latest Android phone, it’s time to see what it can do. There’s no better way of doing this than loading it up with the latest and most exciting games from the Google Play Store. Even if you don’t consider yourself much of a gamer, the Google Play Store has a huge variety of apps that appeal to any kind of smartphone user. From simple puzzle games to deep strategy titles, with so much variety on offer there’s no excuse not to try your hand at something. Here are the best new Android games you might not have heard of. 


Okay takes the idea of a simple puzzler and puts it to the forefront. In Okay, all you have to do is clear all the blocks on the screen with a single swipe of your finger. Whilst this might seem easy, as you get further into the game it becomes deceptively difficult, with more blocks appearing in more complex patterns. Okay is the true definition of a game which is easy to grasp but tough to master and is very addictive as a result. 

Another interesting gimmick attached to Okay is the ability to pay however much you want for the game. Anyone can download the app for free from the Google Play Store, but pay any amount to get rid of ads whilst playing. This new way of paying allows you to play for free or give money to the creators if you feel you want to, making Okay unique in this respect. 

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 

Star Wars fans are well catered for in the Google Play Store, with the latest release, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes proving to be one of the most popular new games on Android. This turn-based adventure allows you to assemble your own team of heroes and villains spanning the whole of the Star Wars universe, including all seven films. Players can take their band of heroes or villains through hundreds of challenging levels (which work on a star scoring system much like Angry Birds) and level up their characters as well as finding more as they play. 

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a true test of your phone’s power, with detailed 3D graphics making for a great looking smartphone game. On the newer models of Samsung and LG, you’ll enjoy a clear and precise graphical experience that truly shows what modern smartphones are capable of. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a must play for any Star Wars fan looking for a surprisingly deep and good looking mobile game. 


Whilst Downwell might look like something you’d play in 1982, this hugely addictive game was only released earlier in the year and is well worth playing on phones. This version is just one of the many available, with PC and PlayStation 4 versions also released. Smartphones are where Downwell truly shines, however, due to the nature of its gameplay. The premise is simple: you play as a man falling down a well trying to get to the bottom. On the way, the game throws a number of obstacles and enemies at you, with only limited health to see you through. 

The most unique part of Downwell is the fact that its levels procedurally generated, meaning they’re different every time you play. This makes mastering the game a challenge, but one that you’ll sink hours into if you let it. Best of all, there are no in-app purchases beyond the one you pay for the game, making it a game you can play for a long time without having to spend more on. 

Adventure Capitalist 

For an intriguing and darkly funny experience, Adventure Capitalist comes highly recommended. In this strategy game, your goal is to make as much money as possible in any way you want. Starting off with a small lemonade stand, players can make their way up to become a billionaire, expanding worldwide and even into space, all by just tapping. While you’re playing, you can hire staff to gain money even while you’re not playing, giving you a satisfying sense of progress as you play. 

Whilst playing the game seems simple at first, as the game expands you’ll find plenty of ways to spend your money, including expanding to Mars and spending billions at a time. There are a lot of idle, time-killing apps on the Google Play Store, but Adventure Capitalist is one of the best examples. 

Table Tennis Touch

Sometimes the best games are the ones we know and love. Table Touch Tennis is just that: a polished version of table tennis for smartphones. To play, simply swipe your finger across the screen to return the ball. Whilst this is simple to pick up and play, Table Tennis Touch adds depth by allowing to serve and spin the ball in a number of different ways. 

On your way, you’ll unlock different difficulty modes and challenges, as well as different colours for your bat. The best thing about Table Tennis Touch is how accurately it nails the feeling of playing table tennis, despite being a phone game. If you’re interested in something simple that will take up hours of your time, try Table Tennis Touch