• EE has the biggest 4G network in the UK
  • A range of massive data subscriptions are available
  • 6 months’ Apple Music free on pay monthly
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EE - The largest, fastest network for mobile in the UK

EE has emerged as one of the leading names in the UK mobile network industry, as it rebranded from Everything Everywhere after merging T-Mobile and Orange.  Based in Hatfield and founded in 2010, EE has taken the market by storm and now offers the largest, fastest network for mobile in the country.

EE serves more than 30 million customers across its various product platforms, and it is also one of the largest operators of 4G, having pioneered its introduction to the UK.  4G from EE, often referred to as 4GEE, currently covers 80% of the population, with 3G and 2G reaching 98% and 99% respectively.  

Smartphones on the EE network

The range of smartphones available with EE is extensive, and EE mobile offers always include the top-end releases.  EE’s most popular tariffs feature unlimited calls and texts, with a phone included for free or at a reduced upfront cost, and choosing a top-end phone means you get good value.

EE also offers cheaper tariffs with fewer calls and less data included, so there’s plenty of choice if you don’t need as much from your subscription, and there are mid-range phones available on the network.

EE customer benefits

Exclusive benefits for EE customers include EE Film Club, where you can stream a movie every week on for a £1, with a range of popular titles available across different genres.  Just text Film to 141 to get the promo code, and then visit the site to choose a movie.

EE Tickets is another benefit, and it’s tailored to your tastes.  You’ll hear about events and entertainment coming soon that you might like, and EE has loads of discounts and offers available, as well as an easy way to book.

EE mobile deals offers impartial comparison of network deals, smartphone offers, SIM Only subscriptions and PAYG.  We try to make it as easy as possible to compare and choose EE mobile offers, and some customers are interested in a specific network.  If you’ve been on EE before, or you you’ve heard good things, then you can filter your search so you only see EE products, or you could compare EE offers directly with a rival network.

You’ll be able to see a list of phones available on EE, and you can select the phone to find out more, including specs, price and monthly allowances.  EE is the biggest 4G network in the UK, so as a customer you'll get great 4G coverage and reliable, consistent connectivity.  You'll also be able to pick from a massive range of the latest and most popular smartphones to use on the EE network, with deals offering excellent value for money.

The EE mobile phone signal booster

EE have created a mobile phone signal booster for EE customers who struggle with mobile phone signal in their home. 

It's called the Signal Box, and is designed to help people get a good mobile phone signal while indoors if they're hindered by things such as thick walls or underground basement rooms. The EE mobile phone signal booster will use your home broadband connection to boost your recpetion, and plugs into your broadband router, creating a link to EE's network to provide you with indoor coverage. 

It boosts the 3G coverage in your home but a range of up to 15 metres, helping you make calls, and will work no matter your broadband provider, although it is required you have a minimum download speed of 512kbps or an upload speed of 256kbps. You'll also need a spare ethernet cable, a power socket near your Wi-Fi router and a 3G-compatible phone on the EE network. Without these things, EE's mobile phone signal booster will not work. 

EE business mobiles

EE business mobile subscriptions give customers a vast range of benefits, which include: 

  • European roaming
  • Flexible contract options - 24 month or 36 month subscriptions
  • Phone replacement on faults in the first two years
  • Wi-Fi calling on compatible phones
  • Inclusive voicemail
  • Calls to our UK-based business team
  • Free data usage alerts

EE business provides customers will unlimited data, on the best mobile network available in the UK, giving customers uncapped speeds and the reassurance that they'll never run out when they need it most. What's more, EE have now added 5G business subscriptions, offering you faster, more reliable speeds in the busiest of areas. With the widest range of 5G phones in the UK, as well as the fastest UK network, company's needn't look any further than EE's business mobiles.

EE SIM only deals

Along with device contracts, EE offers mobile SIM only deals, whereby you as the customer only pay for the amount of minutes, texts and data, which works out much cheaper than paying monthly for your phone, too. EE Mobile offers the following SIM only deals: 

  • 1 GB, 5G, unlimited calls and texts for £14 a month
  • 120GB, 5G and unlimited calls and texts for £20 a month 
  • 200GB, 5G and unlimited calls and texts for £23 a month 
  • 200GB, 5G and unlimited calls and texts for £28 a month (1 Smart Benefit)
  • Unlimited GB, 5G, unlimited calls and texts for £35 a month 
  • Unlimited GB, 5G, unlimited calls and texts for £40 a month (1 Smart Benefit)
  • Unlimited GB, 5G, unlimited calls and texts for £41 a month (3 Smart Benefits)

All of EE's SIM only deals have EU roaming, along with up to 60Mbps data speeds, harnessing the best mobile network the UK has to offer. 

EE's Smart Benefits - what are they?

Smart Benefits are options you can add to your EE Sim Only deals. The amount you can add depends on the Sim Only deal you have chosen, as you can see in brackets in the Sim Only section above. EE's Smart Benefits are as follows: 

  • Apple Music (worth £9.99)
  • BT Sport (worth £10) 
  • Video Data Pass (worth £8.99)
  • Roam Abroad (worth £10)

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