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  • Swap for a new smartphone every year
  • Roll over your unused data each month
  • No price changes mid-contract
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Sky Mobile

Galaxy Z Flip5 5G / 256GB

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 5G
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 3 GB data

36 month contract on Sky Mobile

  • No upfront cost
  • £40.00 per month
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Sky Mobile

Galaxy S24 Ultra / 256GB Titanium Black

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 3 GB data

36 month contract on Sky Mobile

  • No upfront cost
  • £54.00 per month
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Sky Mobile

Galaxy S24+ / 256GB Onyx Black

Samsung Galaxy S24+
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 3 GB data

36 month contract on Sky Mobile

  • No upfront cost
  • £44.00 per month
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Subject to status and individual circumstance. Representative example: Total payment for iPhone 15 Pro 128GB Black Titanium with Sky Mobile - £1,128 (24 x £33 monthly payments and 12 x £28 monthly payments); Upfront payment for phone - £0; Total payment for monthly network plan - £288 (36 x £8 monthly payments); Total payment for agreement (phone and plan) - £1,416; Length of agreement - 36 months; Interest rate fixed - 0%; APR representative - 0%

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Sky Mobile - Reliable network with data rollover and phone swap

Sky Mobile launched back in 2017 aiming to differentiate itself from its major competitors by offering a brilliantly flexible service. Customers can get a new smartphone every 12 months via the Swap12 plan, with the option to choose from the latest and most popular phones on the market. Customers can also save and roll over any data that isn’t used.

How does Sky Mobile work?

Sky Mobile mixes things up a bit when it comes to the usual mobile network and contract providers. You still get the familiar format of new phones being paid off in tandem with a monthly plan, as well as the option of SIM Only. However, Sky adds a bit of a funky switch-up by offering Sky Mobile Swap (more on that shortly).

As a TV, broadband and mobile phone provider, it is also uniquely placed to provide combo offers on all services as one. These are not guaranteed, but through Sky VIP you may find some deals that apply if you also have another service.

On top of this, there are some really good benefits. Data rollover is still, bafflingly, not available on all networks. It’s a really smart option that gives customers a much better sense of value for money. Sky offers this through Sky Piggybank, and you can share it with up to 7 SIMs on your account.

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Sky Mobile Swap

While the option to upgrade early is hardly new, Sky Mobile allows you to do so for free with either the Swap12 or Swap24 plan. Perfect for those who want to enjoy the latest technology!

Providing your smartphone is in full working order with no physical damage, you’ll be able to exit your 24-month or 36-month contract early. All you need to do to get a brand-new device is to send your old handset back to Sky. This will be used  to pay off your remaining balance, alongside any data in your Sky Piggybank you choose to cash in.

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Sky Mobile benefits

  • Sky apps don’t use your data - when you use apps like Sky Go, Sky Sports and Sky News, it won’t use up any data in your plan
  • No mid-contract hikes - Sky promises not to put up your contract price in the middle of the term
  • Data rollover - You can roll over the data you haven’t used from the previous month, also known as Sky Piggbank
  • Switch by text - A Sky Mobile customer can enjoy hassle-free switching. Simply choose and order your SIM plan, text PAC to 65075 and visit to activate
  • Sky Mobile Swap - you can swap to a new phone any time after 31 days. Costs may apply depending on contract type
  • Flexible data - Sky Mobile lets you alter your data plan so it suits you and your usage, while all plans also come with unlimited calls and texts 

Sky Mobile phone deals

As well as choosing either Swap12 or Swap24, you’ll need to decide on which tariff and smartphone you’d like. Sky Mobile offers a great choice of tariffs with unlimited minutes and texts but if you decide you don’t like the one you’ve chosen, you can switch to a different one every month.

All the important information regarding pricing is clearly displayed and there’s a good variation in the amount of data that’s available too. While you’ll be able to find the latest releases from Samsung and Apple there are not too many options if you’re looking for a mid-range device. Hopefully the options for these will expand in the future.

Another major benefit of Sky Mobile plans is the data rollover which lets you carry over any spare data to the next month. Enjoy more streaming, gaming and browsing while you’re out and about or cash it in to get money off other devices or mobile accessories.

Sky Mobile benefits for Sky TV customers

The main benefit that crosses over between Sky Mobile and Sky TV customers is Sky VIP. This is for valued customers and will often include offers for existing customers, should they wish to explore other products from Sky.

These offers can change all the time, so it’s best to visit Sky VIP directly and see the current incentives. Sky VIP also offers other benefits such as ticket giveaways and welcome gifts. It’s a really solid loyalty programme that’s well worth a look.

Sky Mobile SIM only deals

If you’ve already paid off your handset or intend to purchase it outright, a Sky Mobile SIM Only deal is a great alternative to the pay-monthly contract. They work out significantly cheaper, potentially under £10 a month, because you’re only paying for whichever set amount of minutes, texts and data you’ve chosen.​

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Sky Mobile network coverage

Sky Mobile boasts fantastic 4G coverage all across the UK with only those in the most rural, remote areas really struggling to get a signal. If you want to see for yourself what it’s like in your area, you can use Sky’s online mobile coverage checker.

Lightning-fast 5G is gradually being rolled out by Sky Mobile so while it’s not yet at the same level of widespread coverage as 4G, it’s now present in several major cities including London, Liverpool, Bristol and Manchester.

network coverage illustration showing a 5G tower and buildings

Sky Mobile network provider

Sky Mobile piggybacks on O2’s mobile network. This means that wherever O2 has signal, Sky Mobile customers will enjoy the same coverage.

As mentioned above, O2’s network coverage is excellent with 99% of the UK able to enjoy it. This puts them in line with Vodafone and only very slightly behind EE and Three.

Unlocked Sky Mobile phones

Sky Mobile phones and tablets all come unlocked as standard, and the same goes for their line of laptops as well.

Conversely, using a Sky SIM in a device from another provider may require more effort. If it’s locked then you’ll need to phone that provider and get it unlocked, which is perfectly reasonable and a very common request. You shouldn’t have any issues and then you can enjoy your new Sky SIM and data with that device.

Sky Mobile customer service

If you're having some issues with your Sky Mobile device or product, you can navigate to the Help page on the Sky website. Here you'll find an array of topics that could help solve any problems you might be having, without needing to pick up the phone and call Sky's customer service team. There are also various articles to help Sky customers with more intricate issues, such as moving home and fraud.

If you want to speak to Sky about Sky TV, Sky Broadband or Sky Mobile then take a look at this Sky Contact Number guide. It has everything you'll need, whether you're a new customer, existing customer looking to upgrade, or simply seeking some technical help.

Sky Mobile - what we think

Everybody knows Sky for their premium, blockbuster TV subscriptions but how do they fare as a mobile provider?

Sky opted for such a flexible outlook after interviewing thousands of people about what they liked about mobile phone plans. As the predominant answer was flexibility they tailored their plans accordingly which resulted in Sky Mobile’s brilliant combination of features.

cogs and a light bulb

While several providers allow you to roll over data from month to month, Sky Mobile's able to stand out from the competition by allowing you to keep it for up to three years. As new devices and plans are both released regularly they've made a smart decision in letting customers switch them around so often.

Another major concern for those moving to a new mobile phone provider is the quality of its 4G coverage. This isn’t a worry for those on Sky Mobile who can enjoy an impressive 99% coverage across the country with O2’s network.

Sky has a fantastic customer support base throughout all their services they have to offer. They’ve scored top for satisfaction in the broadband, TV and landline categories, and it's fair to say mobile customers will experience the same level of support too.

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