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Virgin Mobile – Flexible tariffs and value for money

Virgin Mobile is part of Virgin Media, and was started up in 1999 as the first virtual network operator.  It set a precedent for companies offering mobile network services without running their own network, which is no commonplace in the industry.

Virgin Mobile uses the EE network, which is promoted the largest network in the UK, so it gives customers extensive coverage.  A mix of pay monthly, pay as you go and SIM deals are available, and customers can enjoy the benefit of flexible tariffs.

More with freedom with your subscription

With Virgin Mobile, customers can move freely between tariffs, no matter whether it means they are paying more or less as a result.  You are never locked into one price subscription, and there’s no charge to switch.

If you realise that you need more minutes, texts or data, or find out that you have too much, then you can just get in touch with Virgin Mobile and make the switch to something more ideally suited to your usage habits.

The flexibility is available with all Freestyle, standard and SIM Only contracts.

Great deals on smartphones and tablets

You can choose from phones and tablets built by the world’s leading manufacturers, with everything from budget mobiles to the best on the market available alongside competitive subscriptions.  Many of the deals include the smart device free upfront, or at a greatly reduced cost, and then you just pay the monthly price for your product.

You can also buy a phone outright and then take a PAYG product, so you’ll pay the full price and then top your allowances up when it suits you.  Virgin Mobile often includes a first top-up with PAYG smartphone purchases as well.

Pay monthly and PAYG SIMS on Virgin Mobile

SIM Only subscriptions offer great value for money, because you aren’t adding the gradual cost of paying off a new phone to your monthly payment.  You either use your old phone, or buy a new one outright, and then you get loads of calls, texts and data each month for a really low price.

Virgin Mobile offers standard, Micro and Nano SIMs, so you can get the right size for your phone, and the flexible tariffs apply so you can easily change if needed.  You can carry over your previous mobile number, use your airtime with any other network and cancel with 30 days’ notice.

If you’d rather go with a PAYG SIM then there’s no contract, no credit check and reward allowances just for topping up.

Virgin Mobile - mobile coverage

Checking mobile phone coverage is a must before a smartphone user can even consider switching mobile providers. So, what's Virgin mobile coverage like? 

Virgin Mobile uses EE's network infrastructure when it comes to delivering mobile network coverage to its customers. Ofcom report that EE have a 84% geographic 4G coverage in the UK, which is currently more than any other network operator. Virgin's mobile coverage partner continue to expand, building 500 brand new 4G sites in rurtal areas over the last year, and they're planning to build hundreds more. So in terms of Virgin mobile coverage, customers are in good hands and can expect strong 4G signal in most locations, but customers should always make sure by using a coverage checker that uses your postcode to give you an accurate reading. 

Virgin Mobile top up - How do I top up my Virgin Mobile Pay As You Go account?

Gone are the days of buying credit at the shops - you can now top up by using Virgin's 'Your Account' online by registering a credit or debit card and topping up your Virgin Mobile from the comfort of your own home. Once you've registered a payment method in Your Account, you can opt for it to be saved to make future payments swift and simple. 

You can also top up by phoning 789 which will give you £5 credit, or you can send a free text to 789222 containing the amount you'd like to top up in denominations of £5 up to £50. Finish the text by entering the last 4 digits of your card number and your security number on the back of your card. When you're topped up, Virgin Mobile will send you a text to let you know. 

Virgin SIM only deals

Along with device contracts, Virgin offers mobile SIM only mobile deals, whereby you as the customer only pay for the amount of minutes, texts and data, which works out much cheaper than paying monthly for your phone, too. Virgin Mobile offers the following SIM only deals: 

Virgin's 12-month SIM only deals: 

  • 2GB and unlimited calls and texts for £8 a month
  • 9GB and unlimited calls and texts for £9 a month*
  • 40GB and unlimited calls and texts for £14 a month*
  • 50GB and unlimited calls and texts for £16 a month*
  • 100GB and unlimited calls and texts for £25 a month
  • Unlimited data and unlimited calls and texts for £28 a month

Virgin's 24-month SIM only deals: 

  • 12GB and unlimited calls and texts for £8 a month*
  • 30GB and unlimited calls and texts for £18 a month
  • 40GB and unlimited calls and texts for £13 a month*
  • 60GB and unlimited calls and texts for £15 a month*
  • 100GB and unlimited calls and texts for £20 a month
  • Unlimited data, calls and texts for £25 a month

Virgin regularly have limited time offers too, allowing you to get a lot of data for an extremely good price, so it's a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for the best Virgin mobile deals they have to offer. 

*Limited deal at time of writing 3/11/21

How to contact Virgin Mobile 

We know how difficult it can be contacting providers sometimes! That's why we've put all the appropriate Virgin Mobile contact details right here to help. 

If you want to make a complaint to Virgin - 0345 454 1111 or 150 from a Virgin phone 

If you want to write to Virgin Media, find the address below: 

Virgin Media


SR43 4AA

For other queries, such as rescheduling appointments and stating any technical issues, Virgin recommends you sign into your Virgin Media account and contact them that way. 

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