Apple’s new iPhone 13 has finally been revealed, with this year’s model set to be the most advanced yet. With a new design, camera system and the fastest chip in an iPhone yet, Apple users can expect to be more than satisfied. But can Apple’s flagship device tempt any Android users? Here’s everything you need to know.

Pro, Mini or standard?

The iPhone 13 launches with four different models to choose from, that offer the iPhone experience at a range of price points. The standard 13 is the one that many users will find themselves going for, and just like last time, there is the option of the iPhone 13 Mini, which offers exactly the same specs in a smaller package.

As is standard with the iPhone, Apple has also produced a Pro model, which features an improved resolution, camera quality and larger size. The Pro also comes in two versions - the standard and the Pro Max, the display of which stretches to a huge 6.7 inches.

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New look

For the iPhone 13, Apple has gone back to an older design that offers a squarer, more rigid look than the softer curves of the iPhone 12. Apple has also touted its new Ceramic Shield, which covers the back and sides of the phone and is supposedly tougher than any smartphone glass to date. Those bored of the same old colours will also be able to pick the iPhone 13 up in a fetching pink colour.

Camera system

As usual, the camera is an important part of the iPhone 13, and something that Apple has taken great care to show off. If you pick the standard 13, you’ll enjoy the advanced dual-camera system with an improved megapixel count and ultra-wide lens. The iPhone 13 Pro features a triple camera system for a bigger price tag, with a telephoto lens and the ability to shoot macro videos.

OLED Display for all

For the first time, the iPhone 13 includes an OLED display for all of its models, meaning the standard Retina is truly a thing of the past. This means that content can be viewed at true 4K, with improved colours and blacks - and not a pixel in sight. OLED has been standard on Samsung phones for a while, and while the iPhone 12 Pro had it, now everyone adopting the 13 can join in on the crystal-clear fun.

A15 Bionic

Another year, another number. The A15 Bionic is a significant step up from Apple’s previous internal offerings, allowing users to run everything on their phone faster than before. As usual, there isn’t much that can be said about the chip - when the number gets bigger, the phone gets fast. Handy when you want to stream in 4K on Netflix and switch between a game on Apple Arcade in the blink of an eye.

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